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If the petition accompanying the proposed ordinance is signed by the registered voters in the city equal in number to 15 percent of names of persons listed as registered voters within the city on the day of the last preceding city general election, and if it contains a request that, unless passed by the city council, the ordinance be submitted to a vote of the people, the council shall either:

A. Pass the proposed ordinance without alteration within 20 days after the city clerk’s certificate that the number of signatures on the petition are sufficient; or

B. Within 20 days after the clerk’s certificate of sufficiency is attached to the petition, cause to be called a special election to be held not less than 30 nor more than 60 days thereafter, for submission of the proposed ordinance without alteration to a vote of the people unless a general election will occur within 90 days, in which event submission must be made thereat. (Ord. 2230 § 12, 1975.)