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A. No person shall operate or ride a WATV or a nonhighway vehicle in a negligent or unsafe manner, as determined in the sole discretion of any law enforcement officer or city official responsible for enforcement of this chapter, but must operate it with reasonable regard for his or her own safety and for the safety of others.

B. No person shall tow any trailers, devices, equipment or persons behind a WATV or a nonhighway vehicle.

C. No person shall carry or transport any other person or passenger on a WATV or nonhighway vehicle, nor shall any other person ride on a WATV or nonhighway vehicle, unless such WATV or nonhighway vehicle is designed to carry more than one person, in which event a passenger may ride upon the permanent and regular seat if designed for two persons, or upon another seat firmly attached to the WATV or nonhighway vehicle.

D. No person shall operate a WATV or nonhighway vehicle in violation of any federal, state, or local law, including but not limited to RCW Title 46, as existing or hereafter amended. (Ord. 6503 § 2, 2020.)