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The purpose of this chapter is to:

A. Comply with the requirement of the Growth Management Act (GMA) that the city: “adopt and enforce ordinances which prohibit development approval if the development causes the level of service on a transportation facility to decline below the standards adopted in the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan, unless transportation improvements or strategies to accommodate the impacts of development are made concurrent with the development”;

B. Implement the city’s multimodal concurrency standard set forth in Transportation Element Policy TR-28, providing plan-based system completeness to accommodate future development;

C. Provide for “concurrency testing” prior to the submittal of a development application in order to assess development impacts and to determine whether a proposed development meets the city’s multimodal concurrency standard;

D. Document a development’s compliance with the multimodal concurrency standard by providing for the issuance of a certificate of concurrency for developments that pass the concurrency test; and

E. Provide options for developments that do not pass the concurrency test, subject to the approval of the director. (Ord. 6667 § 2, 2022.)