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A. The city shall issue a certificate of concurrency only if the city is able to determine that the unallocated MU supply necessary to provide for the MU demand from a proposed development is available at the time of opening or within six years, consistent with the city’s transportation LOS standard.

B. To calculate the MU supply available to serve proposed development during the required six-year concurrency period, the city shall include complete and fully funded transportation projects from the city’s six-year Capital Investment Program (CIP) plan that support growth.

C. The director will use the comprehensive plan’s land use growth target to determine the MU demand expected from the growth target and will determine the MU supply for the planning period using a financial forecast of the funding available for implementation of projects that will contribute to achieving system completeness for all travel modes.

D. The MU supply provided for the planning period will be implemented through the city’s six-year CIP plan. The director shall calculate the MU supply available in each year of the CIP plan and determine transportation concurrency for each new development by ensuring that the MU demand from a development does not exceed the MU supply that the city is able to provide for that development through fully funded projects. (Ord. 6667 § 2, 2022.)