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International Building Code Section 907.6.4 is hereby amended to read as follows:

907.6.4 Zones. Each floor shall be zoned separately, and a zone shall not exceed 22,500 square feet (2,090 m2). The length of any zone shall not exceed 300 feet (91,440 mm) in any direction. Floors shall be further zoned to coincide with any fire walls and/or horizontal exits.


1. Automatic sprinkler system zones shall not exceed the area permitted by NFPA 13.

2. Fire alarm zones that coincide with fire walls and/or horizontal exits are not required in existing buildings except where any of the following conditions exist:

a. When a change of use occurs; or

b. When the exiting or evacuation plan is modified and depends on the use of the fire wall or horizontal exit; or

c. When fire alarm panels are replaced (refer to BCC 23.11.907.1(2)).

[F] 907.6.4.1 Graphic annunciator. Graphic annunciators, when provided, shall be mounted to maintain the viewer’s directional orientation. The visual zone indication on the annunciator panel shall lock in until the system is reset and shall not be canceled by the operation of an audible-alarm silencing switch. Alarm panels and annunciators shall not be installed where they would obstruct exiting. The required exit width plus 12 inches shall be provided when the panel is located in a means of egress. Alarm panels shall not be installed in an exit enclosure providing the sole exit from any space.

[F] 907.6.4.2 High-rise buildings. In high-rise buildings, a separate zone by floor shall be provided for each of the following types of alarm-initiating devices where provided:

1. Smoke detectors.

2. Sprinkler waterflow devices.

3. Manual fire alarm boxes.

4. Other approved types of automatic fire detection devices or suppression systems.

(Ord. 6531 § 5, 2020.)