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International Building Code Section 911.1.2 is hereby amended to read as follows:

[F] 911.1.2 Separation and penetrations. The fire command center shall be separated from the remainder of the building by not less than a 2-hour fire barrier constructed in accordance with Section 707 or horizontal assembly constructed in accordance with section 711, or both. Penetrations into and openings through a fire command center are prohibited except for required exit doors, equipment and ductwork necessary for heating, cooling or ventilation, sprinkler branch line piping, electrical raceway for fire department communication and control and electrical raceway serving the fire command center or being controlled from the fire command center. Such penetrations shall be protected in accordance with Section 714.

Exception: Metallic piping, with no joints or openings within the fire command center, is allowed if penetrations are protected in accordance with Section 714.

(Ord. 6531 § 5, 2020.)