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Section 503.3 of the International Fire Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

503.3 Marking. Where required by the fire code official fire apparatus access roads shall be marked as follows:

1. FIRE LANE – NO PARKING Signs shall be mounted a minimum of 7' from bottom of the sign to the street or sidewalk. Signs must be a type “R8-31” or equivalent reflective sign no less than 12" x 18" in size, with a white background and the wording “No Parking Fire Lane” in red letters. When in a straight line of sight, these signs shall be no further than one hundred fifty feet (150') apart. This distance may be reduced when curves, corners, or other adverse sighting conditions restrict the line of sight.

2. Curbs along designated Fire Department Access Roads (Fire Lanes) shall also be painted red. This shall include both the vertical and horizontal portions of the curb. Minimum three-inch (3") white lettering which shall read: NO PARKING – FIRE LANE, shall be placed every fifty feet (50') or portion thereof on the vertical portion of the curb. The entire curb length shall be painted. If there are rolled curbs or no curbs, stenciling shall be placed on pavement.

Where no curbs exist, stenciling shall be placed on the pavement with minimum 10" white block lettering on continuous 16" red background to read NO PARKING FIRE LANE at 50 foot intervals.

Exception: Variations to Fire Lanes markings may be approved when in the opinion of the Fire code official the proposed signage and markings achieve the same outcome. The Fire Chief retains the right to revoke the variations for cause.

Point of Information

See Public Information Sheet F-11 for additional information (

(Ord. 6532 § 2, 2020.)