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Section 507.5.3 of the International Fire Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

507.5.3 Private fire service mains and water tanks. Private fire service mains and water tanks shall be periodically inspected, tested and maintained in accordance with NFPA 25 at the following intervals:

1. Private fire hydrants (all types): Inspection annually and after each operation; flow test and maintenance annually. Property owners with private hydrants are responsible to obtain annual, satisfactory inspection of their private hydrant(s) from a qualified inspector. Inspection procedures and forms for inspection by the City or others are set by the fire code official. The fire official may order additional inspections as he deems necessary.

2. Fire service main piping: Inspection of exposed, annually; flow test every 5 years.

3. Fire service main piping strainers: Inspection and maintenance after each use.

507.5.3.1 Private Hydrants – Use

1. Fire hydrant protection may be provided by private fire hydrants.

2. No person may open, damage, interfere with, or otherwise use a private hydrant, except in a manner and subject to such conditions as the fire official may require.

507.5.3.2 Private Hydrants – regulations. The fire code official, with the assistance of the City of Bellevue Utilities Department, is authorized to establish regulations and design standards for private hydrants. These officials have the authority to interpret and apply the regulations and standards and to make rulings and orders consistent with the purpose of this chapter.

Point of Information

Hydrants shall be 5 1/4" M.V.O. Hydrant with 2-2 1/2 N.S.T. and 1-4" Pumper Ports, City of Seattle Standard Thread – M.J. Inlet with lugs, brass to brass sub-seat. (Ref.:

507.5.3.3 Private Hydrants – Inspection reports. Inspection reports of private hydrants must be submitted to within five working days of the date of inspection by the servicing inspector.

507.5.3.4 Private Hydrants – damage – malfunction. Property owners, their agents and tenants with private hydrants shall immediately contact the fire department in the event a private hydrant is damaged, malfunctions, or is otherwise out of order. “Immediately” means not more than forty-eight hours after a problem is noticed or should have been noticed in the exercise of reasonable care.

507.5.3.5 Private Hydrants – maintenance and repair. All maintenance and repair of private hydrants shall be solely the responsibility of the property owner. Obligations imposed upon property owners apply also to their managers and other authorized agents.

507.5.3.6 Private hydrants – access. Roads and access to the fire hydrant must be provided in accordance with International Fire Code Sections 503 and 507.

(Ord. 6532 § 2, 2020.)