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Section 907.1 of the International Fire Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

907.1 General. This section covers the application, installation, performance and maintenance of fire alarm systems and their components in new and existing building and structures:

1. The requirements of Section 907.2 are applicable to new buildings and structures, new fire alarm systems, and replacement of existing fire alarm control panels being installed in existing structures.

2. When an existing fire alarm control unit is replaced in existing structures, the entire fire alarm system shall comply with the requirements of Section 907.2.

Point of Information

See Public Information Sheet F-75 “Fire Alarm Panel Replacement” for additional information.

Fire alarm systems upgrades shall not require upgrades to other building systems, unless necessary to meet the requirements of Section 907.2.

Pursuant to Section 104.8 and subject to the approval of the fire code official, fire alarm system upgrades may be phased in over a time period not to exceed 5 years. Approval of a phased alarm system upgrade must be documented in an executed agreement between the applicant and city of Bellevue and shall contain measurable milestones, insurance requirements, and indemnity provisions.

3. The requirements of Section 907.9 are applicable to existing buildings and structures in addition to the condition described in item 2.

4. For the purpose of this section, fire barriers shall not be considered to create a separate building.

5. Building required by this section to be provided with a fire alarm system shall be provided with a single fire alarm system unless otherwise approved by the fire code official.

907.1.2 Fire alarm shop drawings.

Shop drawings for fire alarm systems shall be prepared in accordance with NFPA 72 and submitted for review and approval prior to system installation. In addition, the submittal documents shall include a narrative and input/output matrix that supports the approved exiting plan for the building.

(Ord. 6532 § 2, 2020.)