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Section 907.5.2.2 of the International Fire Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

907.5.2.2 Emergency voice/alarm communication systems. Emergency voice/alarm communication systems required by this code shall be designed and installed in accordance with NFPA 72. The operation of any automatic fire detector, sprinkler water flow device or manual fire alarm box shall automatically sound an alert tone followed by voice instructions giving approved information and directions for a general or staged evacuation in accordance with the building’s fire safety and evacuation plans required by Section 404. In high-rise buildings, the system shall operate on a minimum of the alarming floor, the floor above and the floor below. Speakers shall be provided throughout the building by paging zones. At a minimum, paging zones shall be provided as follows:

1. Elevator groups.

2. Interior exit stairways.

3. Each floor.

4. Areas of refuge as defined in Chapter 2.

Exception: In Group I-1 and I-2 occupancies, the alarm shall sound in a constantly attended location and a general occupant notification shall be broadcast over the overhead page.

907. Manual override. A manual override for emergency voice communication shall be provided on a selective and all-call basis for all paging zones.

907. Live voice messages. The emergency voice/alarm communication system shall also have the capability to broadcast live voice messages by paging zones on a selective and all-call basis.

Point of Information

See Emergency Voice Alarm public information sheet F-44 for detailed messaging requirements.

907. Alternate uses. The emergency voice/alarm communication system shall be allowed to be used for other announcements, provided the manual fire alarm use takes precedence over any other use.

907. Emergency voice/alarm communication captions. Where stadiums, arenas and grandstands have 15,000 fixed seats or more and provide audible public announcements, the emergency voice/alarm communication system shall provide prerecorded or real-time captions. Prerecorded or live emergency captions shall be from an approved location constantly attended by personnel trained to respond to an emergency.

907. Emergency power. Emergency voice/alarm communications systems shall be provided with emergency power in accordance with International Building Code Section 2702 and Table 2702.

907. Phased Evacuation. All buildings more than 10 stories above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access shall utilize an approved phased evacuation plan.


1. When an additional exit stairway meeting the requirements of Sections IBC 1011 and 1023 are provided in addition to the minimum number of exits required by Section IBC 1006.

2. Where the width of each required exit stairway is as specified in Section 1011.2 is increased by not less than 24" of additional width.

3. Where occupant self-evacuation elevators in accordance with IBC Section 3008 have been installed.

4. Where full tenant evacuation can be demonstrated to be accomplished in less than 7 minutes.

Point of Information

These provisions are intended to facilitate the simultaneous building evacuation and firefighter response into the building.

(Ord. 6532 § 2, 2020.)