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Section 909.10.2 of the International Fire Code is hereby amended to read as follows:

909.10.2 Ducts. Duct materials and joints, including shafts acting as ducts shall be capable of withstanding the probable temperatures and pressures to which they are exposed as determined in accordance with Section 909.10.1. Ducts shall be constructed and supported in accordance with the International Mechanical Code. Ducts shall be leak tested to 1.5 times the maximum design pressure in accordance with nationally accepted practices. Measured leakage shall not exceed 5 percent of design flow. Results of such testing shall be a part of the documentation procedure. Ducts shall be supported directly from fire resistance-rated structural elements of the building by substantial, noncombustible supports.

Exception: Flexible connections (for the purpose of vibration isolation) complying with the International Mechanical Code and which are constructed of approved fire-resistance-rated materials.

(Ord. 6532 § 2, 2020.)