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Section of NFPA Standard 130 is hereby amended to read as follows:* Platform Evacuation. There shall be sufficient egress capacity to evacuate the platform occupant load as defined in from the station platform in 4 minutes or less, but in no case shall the required egress width be less than prescribed by Section 1005 of the International Building Code, except as modified in this section. For open stations the maximum travel distance on the platform to a point at which a means of egress route leaves the platform shall not exceed 100 m (325 ft). For enclosed stations, the limits established in Section 1017 of the International Building Code shall apply.* Modification of the evacuation time and travel distance shall be permitted based on an engineering analysis by evaluating material heat release rates, station geometry, and emergency ventilation systems.

(Ord. 6531 § 11, 2020; Ord. 6115 § 1, 2013.)