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The commission shall act in a policy advisory capacity to the city council. The commission may hold public hearings and shall conduct studies, perform analyses, and prepare reports requested by the council. The commission may perform the following functions in order that Bellevue may provide leadership in the arts:

A. Keep the city council informed and represent the community interest in matters of art;

B. Serve as the central commission to whom individuals and groups take their concerns and ideas with regard to the arts;

C. Seek to enlarge the art consciousness of the city and its citizens;

D. Encourage multi-age working, sharing, learning, teaching, and participation in the arts;

E. Provide recognition and encouragement to local artists and arts organizations, both those established and those as yet unrecognized;

F. Develop recommendations for acquiring public artwork consistent with guidelines and priorities approved by city council;

G. Establish a long-range plan for the development and operation of a cultural center;

H. Review and make recommendations on the suitability of any work of art intended as a gift to the city;

I. Establish and maintain a long-range plan and strategic vision for the arts and culture in Bellevue (i.e., Cultural Compass), including participation with the planning commission in preparing, reviewing and recommending comprehensive plan updates and subarea plans; provided, that the planning commission shall review and make final recommendations to the city council on all matters which will be adopted by the city council as part of the comprehensive plan; and

J. Recommend priorities for funding and allocation of small grants to arts organizations based on eligibility and selection criteria approved by council.

In addition, the commission:

K. May provide the public with opportunities for involvement in the commission’s activities;

L. May recommend particular concepts for inclusion in the city’s vision, subject to approval by council;

M. May research and provide suggestions on new matters and/or initiatives that council may wish to consider;

N. Shall provide at least quarterly communications to the council highlighting major activities, future work plans, changes in work plans, and any policy direction requested;

O. Shall cooperate and coordinate with other council-appointed boards, commissions, committees and task forces as appropriate; and

P. Shall perform other duties directed by the city council. (Ord. 6238 § 2, 2015.)