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A. The terms for all positions on the commission shall be six years and shall expire on May 31st of the last year of the term. Persons appointed to a position during the pendency of the term for that position shall serve until the end of the term. The expiration date of the terms of the positions on the commission shall be staggered so not more than three positions expire in the same year.

B. No person shall serve more than two consecutive terms, provided a person appointed to fill an unexpired term of less than two years is eligible to serve two successive six-year terms, and provided further, a person who is ineligible to serve for having served two consecutive terms may again serve after two years have elapsed from the end of the second such term.

C. No person shall be appointed to a position on the commission unless he or she is a resident of the city. A position on the commission shall become vacant upon a member ceasing to be a resident of the city. (Ord. 3727 § 11, 1986.)