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Any animal impounded may be redeemed upon payment of the redemption fee as provided in BCC 8.04.090, License fees and penalties. Owners of impounded licensed dogs or cats shall not be charged a redemption fee on the first offense but shall be charged on the second offense at the second offense rate. An additional kenneling fee for each 24-hour period, or portion thereof, during which such dog or cat is retained by the impounding agency shall be made payable to the county. The redemption fee for livestock shall be as provided in BCC 8.04.090, License fees and penalties, plus any hauling and boarding costs due. Livestock not redeemed may be sold at public auction by the impounding agency. The hauling and boarding costs for livestock impounded shall be in accordance with the rate established by contract between the county and the given stockyard used for holding such animal. (Ord. 5957 § 3, 2010.)