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A. It is a Class 3 civil infraction as defined in RCW 7.80.120 for a person without written permission of the owner or person entitled to possession to abandon or to be in possession of a shopping cart that is the property of another more than 100 feet away from the parking area of a retail establishment or shopping cart containment area.

B. This section shall apply only if a shopping cart: (1) has a sign permanently affixed to it that identifies the owner of the cart or the retailer, or both; (2) notifies the public of the procedure to be used for authorized removal of the cart from the premises; (3) notifies the public that the unauthorized removal of the cart from the premises or parking area of the retail establishment, or the unauthorized abandonment of the cart, is unlawful; and (4) lists a telephone number or address for returning carts. (Ord. 5889 § 5, 2009.)