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A. The owner of property applying for exemption under this chapter shall submit an application to the director, on a form established by the director. The owner shall verify the application by oath or affirmation. The application shall contain such information as the director may deem necessary or useful, and shall include but not be limited to:

1. A brief written description of the project, including phasing if applicable, and preliminary schematic site and floor plans of the multifamily units and the structure(s) in which they are proposed to be located;

2. A statement from the owner acknowledging the potential tax liability when the property ceases to be eligible for exemption under this chapter; and

3. Information describing how the owner will comply with the affordability requirements in BCC 4.52.090.

B. At the time of application under this section, the owner shall pay to the city an initial application fee as established by the director. In addition, at the time of application under this section, the owner shall pay to the city a fee as set by King County to cover the county assessor’s administrative costs. If the director approves the application pursuant to BCC 4.52.080, the city shall forward the fee for the county assessor. If the director denies the application pursuant to BCC 4.52.080, the city shall refund the fee for the assessor’s administrative costs to the owner within 30 days of the director’s decision, or, in the event the owner appeals the director’s decision, within 30 days of the final decision of any appeal pursuant to the provisions of BCC 4.52.115.

C. The director shall notify the owner within 30 days of the application being filed if the director determines that an application is not complete and shall identify what additional information is required before the application will be complete. Within 30 days of receiving additional information, the director shall notify the owner in writing if the director determines that the application is still not complete, and what additional information is necessary. A determination of completeness does not preclude the director from requiring additional information during the review process if more information is needed to evaluate the application according to the criteria in this chapter.

D. The deadline for application shall be any time before, but no later than, 60 calendar days after the date the first building permit under BCC Title 23 is issued for the multifamily housing structure.

1. The director of community development may allow an exception to this subsection, subject to the following criteria:

a. The project meets all other requirements established in BCC 4.52.040 for project eligibility; and

b. Commitment by the applicant to submit a complete application no less than 60 days prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the project; and

c. The application has substantial merit and value for the community as a whole. (Ord. 6582 § 8, 2021; Ord. 6400 § 1, 2018; Ord. 6231 § 2, 2015.)