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A. General.

1. No fence may violate the sight obstruction restrictions at street intersections. (See BCC 14.60.240.)

2. No fence may exceed four feet, six inches, in height within a required front setback except as follows:

a. If the fence is perpendicular to the right-of-way and necessary for screening, or is located on an arterial or on one side of a corner lot and does not exceed the minimum height necessary to afford privacy, security, screening or noise attenuation;

b. Any fence with increased height must meet the following criteria:

i. The proposed fence will not cause or contribute to a hazardous traffic situation, and

ii. The proposed fence is necessary to afford reasonable privacy, security or noise attenuation to the subject property, and

iii. The proposed fence is not out of character with development in the immediate vicinity of the subject property and the finished side of the proposed fence faces the right-of-way or the adjacent property.

3. Any fence which exceeds eight feet in height requires a Building Permit and shall conform to the International Building Code, as adopted and amended by the City of Bellevue.

4. Height shall be measured from finished grade at the exterior side of the fence. No person may construct a berm upon which to build a fence unless the total height of the berm plus the fence does not exceed the maximum height allowable for the fence if the berm was not present.

B. Barbed Wire. No barbed wire may be used in fencing along a property boundary except at the top of a solid or chain link fence six feet or more in height.

C. Electric Fences. Electric fences are not permitted in an R District, except where additional fencing or other barriers prevent access to the fence by small children on the adjacent property. Otherwise, electric fences are permitted provided they comply with the following requirements: (1) An electric fence using an interrupted flow of current at intervals of about one second on and two seconds off shall be limited to 2,000 volts at 17 milliamp, current; (2) An electric fence using continuous current shall be limited to 1,500 volts at 7 milliamp, current. All electric fences shall be posted with permanent signs a minimum of 36 square inches in area at intervals of 15 feet stating that the fence is electrified. Electric fences sold as a complete and assembled unit can be installed by an owner if the controlling elements of the installation are certified by an A.N.S.I. approved testing agency.

D. Chain Link Security Fences. May be permitted within the front setback in CB, GC, or LI Districts, or in commercial parking lots and storage areas, providing plans are approved by the Development Services Department upon finding that the fence will not violate sight obstruction standards, BCC 14.60.240, nor stand in, or in front of, any required landscaping. (Ord. 5571, 12-6-04, § 4; Ord. 5089, 8-3-98, §§ 15, 16; Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 29; Ord. 4255, 6-3-91, § 2; Ord. 3985, 2-21-89, § 1; Ord. 3498, 5-28-85, § 14; Ord. 3435, 11-27-84)