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A. Rooming houses, where permitted, shall comply with the following:

1. The rooming house shall be located in a detached single-family dwelling on its own parcel; and

2. The rooming house shall offer no more than four rooms for rent at any one time; and

3. All rooms offered for rent shall be legally established bedrooms; and

4. An owner, landlord, or registered agent shall be identified as the party responsible and accountable for compliance with the provisions of this section. Said party shall be local, and the name and contact information for that party shall be filed with the City prior to establishing the rooming house; and

5. Legal on-site parking exists or shall be provided in a quantity equal to the number of bedrooms leased or available for lease; and

6. Appropriate provisions shall be made for maintenance of the property exterior; and

7. Appropriate provisions shall be made for refuse collection, including trash, recycling, and yard waste.

B. A rooming house shall comply with City of Bellevue noise and nuisance laws and health and safety codes, and with all other applicable City and State codes and regulations.

C. The owner, landlord, or registered agent designated pursuant to subsection A.4 of this section shall be the “person responsible for the violation” in any civil violations proceedings under the terms of Chapter 1.18 BCC for failure to comply with this section. Tenants shall not be identified as responsible parties by virtue of signing a lease prepared by the owner, landlord, or registered agent for renting a room in a rooming house. (Ord. 6616, 11-15-21, § 3; Ord. 6223, 4-6-15, § 4; Ord. 3145, 9-27-82, § 47)