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20.20.820 Solid waste disposal.
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A. Additional Submittal Requirements. In addition to the application materials required for any permit required to construct or modify a solid waste disposal facility, the applicant shall submit the following material:

1. Information demonstrating compliance with any existing multijurisdictional siting criteria in selecting the proposed location for the solid waste disposal facility, or for the proposed modification of such facility; and

2. Information regarding all existing and alternative sites considered for the proposed solid waste disposal facility, including information about why such alternative sites were not selected for the construction or modification.

B. Decision Criteria. In addition to the decision criteria applicable to any permit required to construct or modify a solid waste disposal facility pursuant to general use charts contained in LUC 20.10.440 and use charts applicable to specific land use districts contained in Chapter 20.25 LUC, the City may approve, or approve with modifications, a proposal to construct or modify a solid waste disposal facility, provided the following standards are met:

1. All components of the solid waste disposal facility shall be contained within a building that is compatible with the architectural form of surrounding buildings. This requirement shall not apply to those components of the facility that cannot effectively function inside of a building.

2. A transportation plan may be required. The City shall determine the level of detail to be disclosed in the plan such as estimated trip generation, access routes and surrounding area traffic counts, based on the probable impacts and/or scale of the proposed facility.

3. The facility shall be designed to include design and operation measures to control odor emissions and airborne pollutants, rodents, birds, and other vectors.

4. The location, design, use and operation of the facility shall comply with any applicable guidelines, rules, regulations or statutes adopted by state law, or any agency or jurisdiction with authority.

5. The location and design are consistent with any planning document under which the proposing agency, special district or organization operates, as determined by the person or body having authority to interpret such document. (Ord. 5876, 5-18-09, § 20; Ord. 5457, 7-21-03, § 4)