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A. Purpose. The purpose of this section is to provide regulations for the permitting of Supportive Housing that is proposed to provide housing to individuals and families experiencing, or are at imminent risk of, homelessness and on-site or off-site supportive services.

B. Applicability.

1. This section applies to all new or expansion of Supportive Housing, as defined in this section.

2. Exceptions. The noticing and registration requirements in subsection E of this section do not apply to:

a. Supportive Housing facilities with permanent on-site supportive services as a subordinate use, pursuant to LUC 20.20.840 and 20.50.046, provided the provision of supportive services is limited only to the residents of the facility; or

b. Supportive Housing facilities with no permanent on-site supportive services; or

c. Supportive Housing facilities with the primary purpose of serving individuals participating in the Washington State Address Confidentiality Program under RCW 40.24.030 and Chapter 434-840 WAC.

3. For the purpose of subsection B.2 of this section, staff who permanently reside in the Supportive Housing facility shall not be considered permanent on-site supportive services.

C. Definitions.

1. Emergency Housing – Nontransient. Indoor accommodation for individuals or families who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless that is intended to address the basic health, food, clothing, and personal hygiene needs of individuals or families. Emergency Housing – Nontransient is residential occupancy for a period of 30 days or more.

2. Supportive Housing. Residential facilities intended to house individuals and families experiencing homelessness, or at imminent risk of homelessness, and paired with on-site or off-site supportive services designed to maintain long-term or permanent tenancy, or to eventually transition the residents to independent living arrangements. This definition includes Emergency Housing – Nontransient, Permanent Supportive Housing as defined under RCW 36.70A.030, now or as hereafter amended, and Transitional Housing as defined under RCW 84.36.043, now or as hereafter amended.

3. Supportive Services. Services provided to occupants of Supportive Housing for the purpose of facilitating their independence or ensuring long-term housing stability. Supportive Services may include, but are not limited to, services such as case management, medical treatment, psychological counseling, childcare, transportation, and job training.

D. Use Requirements.

1. Common kitchen facility shall be provided on site for Supportive Housing that does not have an individual kitchen in each Supportive Housing room or unit.

2. The following requirements apply to Supportive Housing in Single-Family Land Use Districts (R-1 to R-7.5):

a. Alterations to the interior or exterior of the structure which change its single-family residential appearance or character shall not be permitted, except that any alterations to improve accessibility per the Americans with Disabilities Act shall be permitted.

b. Supportive services administered on site shall only be available to residents of the facility.

E. Registration Required.

1. Required Notice for Supportive Housing.

a. Where notice of application is required pursuant to Chapter 20.35 LUC, the notice of application shall also include the information in subsection E.1.c of this section.

b. Where notice of application is not required pursuant to Chapter 20.35 LUC, a mailed notice of registration shall be distributed to owners of real property within 500 feet of the subject site, and the notice shall include the information in subsection E.1.c of this section.

i. When a building permit is required for any alterations to the structure intended for Supportive Housing, the mailed notice shall be distributed at the time of permit issuance.

ii. When no permits are required prior to establishment of the Supportive Housing use, the notice shall be mailed following submittal of the required Registration Notice pursuant to subsection E.2 of this section.

c. The following information shall also be included in the notice of application for a proposed Supportive Housing:

i. Location and description of the Supportive Housing facility, including the number of residents intended to be housed in the facility; and

ii. The types of City permit(s) and/or approval(s) required for the facility, if applicable; and

iii. Contact information of property manager(s) and/or owner(s).

2. No less than 14 days prior to establishing a Supportive Housing use, a person or company intending to provide Supportive Housing shall file a Registration Notice with the Development Services Department. The Registration Notice shall be submitted in writing in a form approved by the Director. At minimum, the Registration Notice shall include the following information:

a. Name and contact information of property manager(s) and/or owner(s) who may be contacted in case of emergency or code violations;

b. Name and contact information for on-site facility staff (if applicable);

c. Standard operating procedures plan for the facility, including:

i. The number of residents intended to be housed in the facility; and

ii. A description of the supportive services provided to the residents of the facility, on site and off site, including names and contact information of service providers;

d. A safety and security plan describing measures that the operator will employ to promote the safety of Supportive Housing occupants and surrounding residents; and

e. A code of conduct that applies to all individuals granted access to the proposed Supportive Housing use.

3. The registration information described in subsections E.2.a through E.2.c shall be kept up to date with the Development Services Department. Any change to this required information shall be submitted to Development Services on a revised registration form. No additional notice shall be required upon submittal of a revised registration form. (Ord. 6672, 7-25-22, § 4)