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A. One house trailer, mobile home or other recreational vehicle may be temporarily parked and used as a dwelling in the side or rear yard of a lot already containing another dwelling unit for a period not to exceed 30 days, provided the setbacks applicable to detached accessory buildings can be complied with.

B. A Temporary Use Permit may be issued for up to one year for one house trailer, not on a foundation but connected to water, power and sewer utilities or to a septic tank system according to the procedures and requirements of Part 20.30M LUC.

C. Permanent Dwelling. Any mobile home meeting the certification requirements of RCW 43.22.340 may be used as a dwelling unit provided it is placed on a foundation, connected to all utilities required by the applicable City construction codes and meets applicable setback requirements.

D. Storage. Recreational vehicles, campers, house trailers and large boats may be stored in side and rear yards if they are sight-screened from abutting properties with Type I landscaping (see LUC 20.20.520). For the purposes of this subsection, large boats are defined as being at least 16 feet in length and having a gunwale which is at least five feet from the ground when the boat is sitting on a normal sized boat trailer.

E. As to recreational vehicles only, the requirements of subsection D of this section shall not apply to a residence if one or more occupants thereof has a current windshield placard or special license plate issued to them by the State of Washington as a qualified disabled person in accordance with RCW 46.19.010. Persons claiming this exemption shall apply to the Director for approval thereof. The Director shall establish procedures and standards for acting on exemption requests hereunder. Only one recreational vehicle per residence may be exempted under this provision. (Ord. 6197, 11-17-14, § 14; Ord. 5475, 10-20-03, § 10; Ord. 4552, 7-26-93, § 2; Ord. 3530, 8-12-85, § 32)

*Effective only within the jurisdiction of the East Bellevue Community Council.