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The Downtown Design Guidelines have the following predominant goals:

A. To ensure that Downtown is viable, livable, memorable, and accessible.

B. To promote design excellence, innovation, and reinforce a sense of place for Downtown.

C. To improve the walkability, streetscapes, and public spaces for Downtown residents, employees, and visitors.

D. To foster a vibrant pedestrian environment by providing a welcoming streetscape with Active Uses, open spaces, street furniture, landscaping, and pedestrian-scaled amenities.

E. To improve connectivity through Downtown and from Downtown to adjacent neighborhoods.

F. To encourage sustainable and green design features, including those that promote water, resource, and energy conservation.

G. To encourage the design of attractive rooftops that contribute to a memorable Downtown skyline.

H. To advance the theme of “City in a Park” for Downtown, create more green features and public open space, and promote connections to the rest of the park and open space system. (Ord. 6377, 10-16-17, § 2)