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Part 20.25F1 Factoria 1*

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* Code reviser’s note: The Factoria TownSquare Design Guidelines are available with this Code.

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A. Applicability. This Part 20.25F1 LUC, Factoria 1 (F1), contains standards, criteria and guidelines that apply to development and activity within the Factoria 1 Land Use District. Except to the extent expressly provided otherwise in this Part 20.25F1 LUC, the provisions of the Land Use Code, other City development codes, the City Development Standards, and other applicable codes and ordinances apply to development in the Factoria Land Use Districts. Where there is a conflict between the regulations of the Factoria Land Use Districts and the Land Use Code and other City ordinances, the Factoria Land Use District regulations govern. Where the requirements of the Factoria Land Use District exceed those of the Land Use Code and other City ordinances, the Factoria Land Use District regulations govern.

B. Land Use District and Description of Development Areas. The purpose and intent of the Factoria 1 Land Use District is described in LUC 20.10.395. The location of the F1 Land Use District Area is legally described in LUC 20.50.020. The F1 Land Use District is divided into four development areas to facilitate its transformation into a vital, pedestrian-oriented mixed use neighborhood. The purpose and intended uses for each development area are described below. The location of the development areas is depicted on the map entitled “F1 Land Use District Development Areas.”

1. Development Area I: Retail Center Area. Development Area I (DA I) is located in the center of the land use district. The area is bound by 127th Avenue SE to the east and 125th Avenue SE to the west. A portion of DA I fronts on 124th Avenue SE. Centralized retail is the primary focus of this area. New development and remodels should be designed to provide pedestrian and vehicular circulation through and around the retail center and to connect the retail center to external adjacent residential, retail and service uses.

2. Development Area II: Residential Neighborhood Area. Development Area II (DA II) is located along the south edge of the district. Housing is the focus of DA II. In addition, retail and service uses that are neighborhood serving are appropriate for this area. The housing is to be developed over and around structured parking. The neighborhood serving uses are intended to serve both residents of the F1 District as well as neighborhoods to the south and east.

3. Development Area III: Mixed Use Expansion Area. Development Area III (DA Ill) is located in the northwest corner of the site. A mix of uses such as stand-alone retail, housing and accessory parking is appropriate. Development should be focused on the northern end of this area to encourage traffic to utilize SE 38th Street.

4. Development Area IV: Factoria Boulevard Frontage Area. Development Area IV (DA IV) is located between Factoria Boulevard and the retail center area. Minor remodels and expansions of existing buildings are appropriate. A parking structure to support retail uses located in other development areas would be appropriate.

F1 Land Use District Development Areas

(Ord. 5726, 3-19-07, § 3)