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A. Limitation on Modification. A critical areas report may not be used to fill a wetland critical area, except where filling is required to allow a use set forth in LUC 20.25H.055.

B. Additional Content. In addition to the general requirements of LUC 20.25H.230, a critical areas report for wetlands shall include a written assessment and accompanying maps of the wetlands and buffers within 300 feet of the project area, including the following information at a minimum:

1. A discussion of measures, including avoidance, minimization, and mitigation, proposed to preserve existing wetlands and restore any wetlands that were degraded prior to the current proposed land use activity.

2. A habitat and native vegetation conservation strategy that addresses methods to protect and enhance on-site habitat and wetland functions.

3. Functional evaluation for the wetland and adjacent buffer using the Washington State Wetland Rating System for Western Washington (14-06-029, published in October 2014, as amended) and including the reference of the method and all data sheets. (Ord. 6417, 5-21-18, § 35; Ord. 5680, 6-26-06, § 3)