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Part 20.25J Medical Institution District Revised

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A. Applicability. This Part 20.25J LUC, Medical Institution (MI) District, contains standards and guidelines that apply to development and activity within the Medical Institution District.

B. Description of Development Areas. The district is divided into three development areas that have been established in order to implement the objectives of the Medical Institution District as follows:

1. Hospital Center Development Area (DA1);

2. Medical Office Development Area (DA2);

3. Hospital Perimeter Development Area (DA3).

The purpose and intent of the development areas are described in LUC 20.10.390. The location of the development areas is depicted on the map entitled “Medical Institution District Development Areas.”

Medical Institution District Development Areas

Legend: DA1 = Development Area 1, Hospital Center Development Area

DA2 = Development Area 2, Medical Office Perimeter Development Area

DA3 = Development Area 3, Hospital Perimeter Development Area

(Ord. 6340, 2-21-17, § 1; Ord. 5831, 8-4-08, § 2; Ord. 5587, 3-7-05, § 2)