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A. Density and Floor Area Ratio.

1. General. The applicant may request a bonus in the number of dwelling units permitted by the underlying land use district or the maximum FAR (see general dimensional requirements contained in LUC 20.20.010), and district-specific requirements contained in Chapter 20.25 LUC.

2. Bonus Decision Criteria. The City may approve a bonus in the number of dwelling units allowed by no more than 10 percent over the base density for proposals complying with this subsection A.2. Base density shall be determined on sites with critical areas or critical area buffers pursuant to LUC 20.25H.045. Base density on all other sites shall be determined based on the gross land area of the property excluding either that area utilized for traffic circulation roads or 20 percent, whichever is less. The bonus allowed by this section may be approved only if:

a. The design of the development offsets the impact of the increase in density; and

b. The increase in density is compatible with existing uses in the immediate vicinity of the subject property.

3. Senior Citizen Dwelling. An additional 10 percent density bonus may be approved for senior citizen dwellings if the criteria in subsection A.2 of this section are met and if the average dwelling unit size does not exceed 600 square feet.

B. Height. The applicant may request a modification of height from that allowed by the land use district, provided topography and arrangement of structures does not unreasonably impair primary scenic views (e.g., mountains, lakes, unique skylines) of the surrounding area, as compared to lot-by-lot development. Proposals earning bonus density pursuant to this section or LUC 20.30D.167 may only receive an increase in height if the requirements of subsection A.2 of this section are met, considering the impact of increased height.

C. Zero Lot Line. This is a configuration where the house and/or garage is built up to one of the side lot lines, providing the opportunity for more usable space in the opposing side yard.

1. General. The applicant may request a reduction in the required side setback from that required by the land use district and district specific requirements. Zero lot line setbacks are not permitted for side yards along the perimeter of the PUD.

2. Setback Reduction Decision Criteria. The City may approve a reduction in the setback of up to one side setback. The reduction in side setback shall be approved only if:

a. The opposing side setback shall be at least 10 feet.

b. In order to maintain privacy, no windows, doors, air conditioning units, or any other types of openings in the walls along the zero lot line wall, except for windows that do not allow for visibility into the side yard of the adjacent lot.

D. Other. The City may approve a modification of any provision of the Land Use Code, except as provided in LUC 20.30D.170, if the resulting site development complies with the criteria of this part. (Ord. 6323, 11-21-16, § 18; Ord. 5876, 5-18-09, § 27; Ord. 5682, 6-26-06, § 12; Ord. 5480, 10-20-03, § 24; Ord. 5089, 8-3-98, § 33; Ord. 4972, 3-3-97, § 51; Ord. 4816, 11-27-95, § 150; Ord. 4065, 10-23-89, § 6; Ord. 3690, 8-4-86, § 19)