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20.30D.167 Planned Unit Development – Additional bonus density for large-parcel projects.
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A. Purpose. The City desires to offer incentives to property owners to develop multi-unit residential projects with site features and site designs that minimize impacts to critical area functions and values. Many of these techniques are new, and their effectiveness is uncertain. The City desires additional information about the impact of these design techniques and features, to determine the appropriate amount of density bonus and other incentives to offer for their use, and to determine what, if any, design features are required to offset the impact of the increased density. The projects allowed under this section are mechanisms to allow the City to gather such information prior to making additional density available to all projects.

B. Eligible Sites. Projects will only be authorized on sites of five acres or more.

C. Applicable Procedure. A project will be approved as part of the PUD approval for the underlying proposal.

D. Additional Bonus. The City may authorize additional bonus density, up to 30 percent of the base density, for proposals including additional conservation design features above the amount required in LUC 20.30D.160.A. Base density shall be determined on sites with critical areas or critical area buffers pursuant to LUC 20.25H.045. Base density on all other sites shall be determined based on the gross land area of the property excluding either that area utilized for traffic circulation roads or 20 percent, whichever is less. Bonus density shall be based on the square footage credit earned divided by the minimum lot size of the underlying land use district. Bonus density may be approved only if the proposal meets the criteria of LUC 20.30D.165.A.2.a and A.2.b. (Ord. 5682, 6-26-06, § 13)