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Part 20.30I Amendment and Review of the Comprehensive Plan

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This part establishes the procedure and criteria that the City will use to review and amend the Comprehensive Plan, including the annual public participation process for proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan shall be subject to continuing review and evaluation by the City. Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan should not be considered more frequently than once a year, except in cases of emergency, to resolve an appeal of a comprehensive plan filed with a growth management hearings board or with the court, and in other certain limited circumstances.

Amendments proposed by the public in a specific neighborhood subarea may not be proposed during the review of a City Council-initiated Great Neighborhoods Comprehensive Plan amendment for that specific neighborhood subarea (identified on Neighborhoods Element Map N-1). Such proposals may be proposed after the Council takes final legislative action for the specific neighborhood subarea, in accordance with LUC 20.30I.130.B.3.

Except as otherwise permitted, all proposed amendments in any year should be considered concurrently so that the cumulative effect of the various proposals can be ascertained. (Ord. 6495, 12-2-19, § 2; Ord. 5650, 1-3-06, § 2)