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The Director may approve or approve with modifications an application for a Critical Areas Land Use Permit if:

A. The proposal obtains all other permits required by the Land Use Code; and

B. The proposal utilizes to the maximum extent possible the best available construction, design and development techniques which result in the least impact on the critical area and critical area buffer; and

C. The proposal incorporates the performance standards of Part 20.25H LUC to the maximum extent applicable; and

D. The proposal will be served by adequate public facilities including streets, fire protection, and utilities; and

E. The proposal includes a mitigation or restoration plan consistent with the requirements of LUC 20.25H.210; except that a proposal to modify or remove vegetation pursuant to an approved Vegetation Management Plan under LUC 20.25H.055.C.3.i shall not require a mitigation or restoration plan; and

F. The proposal complies with other applicable requirements of this code. (Ord. 5683, 6-26-06, § 27)