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Part 20.30T Reasonable Accommodation

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Any person claiming to have a handicap or disability, or someone acting on his or her behalf, who wishes to be excused from an otherwise applicable requirement of this Land Use Code under the Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, 42 USC 3604(f)(3)(b), or the Washington Law Against Discrimination, Chapter 49.60 RCW, must provide the Director of the Development Services Department with verifiable documentation of handicap or disability eligibility and need for accommodation. The Director shall act promptly on the request for accommodation. If handicap or disability eligibility and need for accommodation are demonstrated, the Director shall approve an accommodation which may include granting an exception to the provisions of this Code. The Director shall not charge any fee for responding to such a request. The Director’s decision shall constitute final action by the City on the request for accommodation, and review of that decision will be available only in court. An action seeking such review must be filed not more than 21 days after the Director’s decision. (Ord. 6197, 11-17-14, § 25; Ord. 5001, 7-7-97, § 5)