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A. Prior to or upon filing their application for a Temporary Encampment Permit, the Encampment Host, Encampment Sponsor and Encampment Manager shall prepare an Encampment Management Responsibility Plan, which shall be included with their permit application. An application that does not contain an Encampment Management Responsibility Plan shall not be considered complete. The Encampment Management Responsibility Plan shall include the following:

1. A description of the security measures that the Encampment Host, Encampment Sponsor and Encampment Manager intend to employ at the Encampment Site, including criteria for rejection as a resident, a code of conduct, neighborhood security patrols, if any, whether and how they will implement outstanding warrant or registered sex offender background checks, and whether and how any Temporary Encampment residents or prospective residents may be ejected from the Temporary Encampment based on the results of such checks.

2. A certificate of insurance identifying any applicable policies of insurance, including policy limits, held by the Encampment Host, Encampment Sponsor, or Encampment Manager. Full copies of any such policies shall be available for the City’s inspection at the Encampment Host Site.

3. A description of any requested exemptions sought pursuant to LUC 20.30U.125.A.8.a, 20.30U.125.A.11.k, or 20.30U.127, and a description of the manner in which the proposed exemptions satisfy the criteria of the exemption provision and this part.

4. A transportation plan demonstrating compliance with LUC 20.30U.125.A.6.

5. A proposed Site plan.

6. A street address which, for the duration of the Temporary Encampment, shall be considered the permanent and fixed address of each individual while residing at the Temporary Encampment. (Ord. 6498, 12-9-19, § 2; Ord. 5615, 7-25-05, § 1)