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A Temporary Encampment Permit is a Process V decision. In addition to the requirements for Process V in Chapter 20.35 LUC, the following additional procedures apply:

A. Public Meeting Required. The Director shall hold an informational Public Meeting. The meeting shall comply with the requirements of LUC 20.35.525. Prior to the Public Meeting, the Encampment Host shall meet and confer with the Bellevue Police Department regarding the proposed security measures. At the Public Meeting, a representative of the Encampment Host shall present in writing and describe the proposed Encampment Management Responsibility Plan, and any input or comment received on the plan, including any comment or input from the Bellevue Police Department, or comment or input from Schools and/or Child Care Services under subsection B of this section. The Public Meeting shall be attended by all applicants of the proposed Temporary Encampment Permit.

B. Additional Mailed Notice. The requirements for mailed notice of the application set forth in LUC 20.35.510 shall be expanded to include owners of real property within 600 feet of the project Site. Prior to the decision of the Director on a Temporary Encampment Permit, the Encampment Host, Encampment Sponsor, or Encampment Manager shall meet and confer with the administration of any public or private elementary, middle, junior high or high school within 600 feet of the boundaries of the proposed Temporary Encampment Site, and shall meet and confer with the operators of any known Child Care Service within 600 feet of the boundaries of the proposed Temporary Encampment Site. The Encampment Host and the School administration and/or Child Care Service operator shall make a good faith effort to agree upon any additional conditions that may be appropriate or necessary to address School and/or child care concerns regarding the location of a Temporary Encampment within 600 feet of such a facility. Any such conditions agreed upon between the parties shall be submitted to the Director for consideration for inclusion within the Temporary Encampment Permit. In the event the parties fail to agree on any conditions, either party may provide the Director with a written summary of the parties’ discussions, which the Director may consider in evaluating whether the criteria for the Temporary Encampment Permit are met, or the need for additional conditions upon the Temporary Encampment Permit based on the applicable decision criteria.

C. Signed Notice. The applicant shall provide notice of the application by posting two Signs or placards on the Site or in a location immediately adjacent to the Site that provides visibility to motorists using adjacent streets. The Director shall establish standards for size, color, layout, design, wording, placement, and timing of installation and removal of the Signs or placards.

D. Post-Issuance Informational Public Meeting. The Encampment Host, Encampment Sponsor and Encampment Manager shall confirm in writing, on at least a monthly basis during the duration of any Temporary Encampment, their continued compliance with the use requirements in LUC 20.30U.125 and all applicable conditions of approval. Within a reasonable time of no longer than 14 days following a request from the Director, the Encampment Host shall address operational concerns raised about a permitted Temporary Encampment. The Director may require a post-issuance informational Public Meeting between the Encampment Host and members of the public if operational concerns related to health and safety are not timely resolved. (Ord. 6498, 12-9-19, § 3; Ord. 5615, 7-25-05, § 1)