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20.35.080 Merger of certain decisions.
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A. Process I and III and Process II, Including SEPA Threshold Determinations. When a single project includes a combination of Process I, Process II, including the SEPA threshold determination associated with the Process I or III action and/or Process III land use applications, review of the project shall combine review of the Process I, Process II, and Process III components. A consolidated report setting forth the Process I and/or Process III recommendation of the Director and the Process II decisions will be issued.

B. SEPA Threshold Determination with Process IV or Process V Decisions. The SEPA threshold determination associated with a Process IV or Process V action shall be merged with the Process IV and Process V action, and processed according to the notice, decision, appeal and other procedures set forth in LUC 20.35.400 through 20.35.450 (Process IV) or LUC 20.35.500 through 20.35.540 (Process V). (Ord. 5615, 7-25-05, § 5; Ord. 4972, 3-3-97, § 3)