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20.35.085 Appeals of nonland use matters.
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Certain other appealable administrative decisions are made by City departments, including but not limited to decisions pursuant to the City’s Traffic Standards Code, Chapter 14.10 BCC; Transportation Improvement Program, Chapter 22.16 BCC; the School Impact Fees for Issaquah School District No. 411, Chapter 22.18 BCC; the Sewer Code, Chapter 24.04 BCC; the Storm and Surface Water Utility Code, Chapter 24.06 BCC; the Sign Code, Chapter 22B.10 BCC; and the Environmental Procedures Code, Chapter 22.02 BCC. These types of non-Land Use Code appeals are heard and decided by the City Hearing Examiner. When associated with a consolidated Land Use permit application, the appeal will be heard in conjunction with any appeal on the Land Use application. In some cases, the relevant code modifies the appeal process slightly compared to Land Use Code appeals. (See e.g., Transportation Improvement Program: only applicant may appeal.) In such cases, and as to those codes only, the procedures governing other appeals shall control. In all cases, however, the final City decision on the administrative appeal is made by the Hearing Examiner. Information on non-Land Use Code appeals is available from the department administering the relevant code and from the City Hearing Examiner. (Ord. 4978, 3-17-97, § 9; Ord. 4972, 3-3-97, § 3)