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20.35.135 Public notice of Director’s recommendation.
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A. Notice of Recommendation, SEPA Determination, and Hearing Examiner Hearing.

1. Public Notice of the availability of the Director’s recommendation shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation. If a Determination of Significance (DS) was issued by the Environmental Coordinator, the notice of the Director’s recommendation shall state whether an EIS or Supplemental EIS was prepared or whether existing environmental documents were adopted. If a Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) is issued, the DNS may be issued and published in conjunction with the Director’s recommendation except as provided in the Environmental Procedures Code, BCC 22.02.031 and 22.02.160. The notice of recommendation shall also include the date of the Hearing Examiner public hearing for the application, which shall be scheduled no sooner than 14 days following the date of publication of the notice.

2. The Director shall mail notice of the recommendation and public hearing to each owner of real property within 500 feet of the project site.

3. The Director shall mail notice to each person who submitted comments during the comment period or at any time prior to the publication of the notice of recommendation.

4. The Director shall mail notice to each person who has requested such notice for the calendar year and paid any applicable fee as established by the Director. Included in this mailing shall be all members of a Community Council and a representative from each of the neighborhood groups, community clubs, or other citizens’ groups who have requested regular notice of land use decisions. As an alternative to mailing notice to each such person, notice may be provided by electronic mail only, when requested by the recipient.

5. See additional noticing requirements in LUC 20.45A.110 for preliminary subdivisions (plats). (Ord. 5718, 2-20-07, §§ 1, 4; Ord. 5481, 10-20-03, § 19; Ord. 4972, 3-3-97, § 3)