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A. Process II decisions, except for SEPA threshold determinations on Process IV actions, may be appealed as follows:

1. Who May Appeal. The project applicant or any person who submitted written comments prior to the date the decision was issued may appeal the decision.

2. Form of Appeal. A person appealing a Process II decision must file a written statement setting forth:

a. Facts demonstrating that the person is adversely affected by the decision;

b. A concise statement identifying each alleged error and the manner in which the decision fails to satisfy the applicable decision criteria;

c. The specific relief requested; and

d. Any other information reasonably necessary to make a decision on the appeal.

The written statement must be filed together with an appeal notification form available from the Office of the City Clerk. The appellant must pay such appeal fee, if any, as established by ordinance or resolution at the time the appeal is filed.

3. Time and Place to Appeal. The written statement of appeal, the appeal notification form, and the appeal fee, if any, must be received by the City Clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. on the fourteenth day following the date of publication of the decision of the Director; except that if the Director’s decision is consolidated with a threshold Determination of Nonsignificance under the State Environmental Policy Act for which a comment period pursuant to WAC 197-11-340 must be provided, the appeal period for the consolidated decision shall be 21 days.

B. SEPA Threshold Determinations on Process IV and Process V Actions.

1. Process IV. An appeal of a SEPA threshold determination on a Process IV action shall be filed together with an appeal of the underlying Process IV action. The appeal shall be by petition to the Growth Management Hearings Board and shall be filed within the 60-day time period set forth in RCW 36.70A.290.

2. Process V. An appeal of a SEPA threshold determination on a Process V action shall be filed together with an appeal of the underlying Process V action. The appeal shall be as set forth in LUC 20.35.070 and 20.35.540.

C. Notice of Appeal Hearing. If a Process II decision is appealed, a hearing before the City Hearing Examiner shall be set and notice of the hearing shall be mailed to the appellant, the applicant, and all parties of record by the applicable Department Director. Notice shall be mailed no less than 14 days prior to the appeal hearing; except that if the Process II decision has been consolidated with a recommendation on a Process I or Process III application, any appeal of the Process II decision shall be consolidated with the Process I or Process III public hearing. No separate notice of a Process II appeal need be provided if the public hearing has already been scheduled for the Process I or Process III component of an application.

D. Hearing Examiner Hearing. The Hearing Examiner shall conduct an open record hearing on a Process II appeal. The appellant, the applicant, and the City shall be designated parties to the appeal. Each party may participate in the appeal hearing by presenting testimony or calling witnesses to present testimony. Interested persons, groups, associations, or other entities who have not appealed may participate only if called by one of the parties to present information; provided, that the Examiner may allow nonparties to present relevant testimony if allowed under the Examiner’s Rules of Procedure.

E. Hearing Examiner Decision on Appeal. Within 10 working days after the close of the record for the Process II appeal, the Hearing Examiner shall issue a decision to grant, grant with modifications, or deny the appeal. The Examiner may grant the appeal or grant the appeal with modification if:

1. The appellant has carried the burden of proof; and

2. The Examiner finds that the Process II decision is not supported by a preponderance of the evidence.

The Hearing Examiner shall accord substantial weight to the decision of the applicable Department Director and the Environmental Coordinator.

F. Appeal of Hearing Examiner Decision. A final decision by the Hearing Examiner on a Process II application may be appealed to Superior Court as set forth in LUC 20.35.070.

G. Time Period to Complete Appeal Process. In all cases except where the parties to an appeal have agreed to an extended time period, the administrative appeal process shall be completed within 90 days from the date the original administrative appeal period closed. Administrative appeals shall be deemed complete on the date of issuance of the Hearing Examiner’s decision on the appeal. (Ord. 6417, 5-21-18, § 62; Ord. 6197, 11-17-14, § 30; Ord. 5615, 7-25-05, § 7; Ord. 4972, 3-3-97, § 3)