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20.35.337 Hearing Examiner public hearing.
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A. Participation in Hearing. Any person may participate in the Hearing Examiner public hearing on the Director’s recommendation by submitting written comments to the Director prior to the hearing or by submitting written comments or making oral comments at the hearing.

B. Transmittal of File. The Director shall transmit to the Hearing Examiner a copy of the Department file on the application including all written comments received prior to the hearing, and information reviewed by or relied upon by the Director or the Environmental Coordinator. The file shall also include information to verify that the requirements for notice to the public (notice of application, notice of SEPA decision, and notice of Director’s recommendation) have been met.

C. Hearing Record. The Hearing Examiner shall create for the City Council a complete record of the public hearing including all exhibits introduced at the hearing and an electronic sound recording of each hearing. (Ord. 4972, 3-3-97, § 3)