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A. Content. When the Planning Commission or City Council has scheduled a public hearing on a Process IV proposal, the applicable Department Director shall prepare a notice containing the following information:

1. The name of the applicant, and, if applicable, the project name;

2. If the application involves specific property, the street address of the subject property;

3. A brief description of the action or approval requested;

4. The date, time and place of the public hearing; and

5. A statement of the right of any person to participate in the public hearing as provided for in LUC 20.35.430.

B. Provision of Notice.

1. The applicable Department Director shall provide for notice of the public hearing to be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the City at least 14 days prior to the date of the public hearing.

2. If the proposal involves specific property, rather than an areawide or zonewide change, two signs or placards shall be posted by the applicant on the site or in a location immediately adjacent to the site that provides visibility to motorists using the adjacent streets. The Director shall establish standards for size, color, layout, design, wording, placement, and timing of installation and removal of the signs or placards.

3. If the proposal involves specific property, rather than an areawide or zonewide change, notice of the public hearing shall be mailed to each owner of real property within 500 feet of any boundary of the subject property.

4. The Director shall mail notice to each person who has requested such notice and paid any fee as established by the Director. Included in this mailing shall be all members of a Community Council and a representative from each of the neighborhood groups, community clubs, and other citizens’ groups who have requested regular notice of land use actions. As an alternative to mailing notice to each such person, notice may be provided by electronic mail only, when requested by the recipient.

5. The Director shall mail notice to each person who submitted comments during the comment period or at any time prior to the publication of the notice of public hearing. (Ord. 5718, 2-20-07, §§ 1, 9; Ord. 5481, 10-20-03, § 26; Ord. 5089, 8-3-98, § 47; Ord. 4972, 3-3-97, § 3)