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A. Notice of application for Process V land use decisions shall be provided within 14 days of issuance of a notice of completeness pursuant to the requirements of this section. See additional noticing requirements in LUC 20.30U.122 for Temporary Encampment Permits.

B. The Director shall provide notice of the application as follows:

1. Publication of the project description, location, types of City permits or approvals applied for, date of application and location where the complete application file may be reviewed, in a newspaper of general circulation in the City.

2. Mailed notice to owners of real property within 500 feet of the project site including the following information:

a. The date of application;

b. The project description and location;

c. The types of City permit(s) or approval(s) applied for;

d. The Director may, but need not, include other information to the extent known at the time of notice of application, such as: the identification of other City permits required, related permits from other agencies or jurisdictions not included in the City permit process, the dates for any public meetings, identification of any studies requested for application review, any existing environmental documents that apply to the project, and a statement of the preliminary determination, if one has been made, of those development regulations that will be used for project mitigation.

3. Mailed notice of the application including at least the information required in subsection B.1 of this section to each person who has requested such notice for the calendar year and paid any fee as established by the Director. This mailing shall also include all members of a Community Council and a representative from each of the neighborhood groups, community clubs, or other citizens’ groups who have requested notice of land use activity. As an alternative to mailing notice to each such person, notice may be provided by electronic mail only, when requested by the recipient. (Ord. 6425, 10-1-18, § 27; Ord. 5718, 2-20-07, § 10; Ord. 5615, 7-25-05, § 9)