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As used in this chapter, the following definitions apply:

A. Development Standards. Currently effective Development Services, Transportation, and Utility Departments’ Development and/or Engineering Standards, and the development or engineering standards of any other City department with applicable standards, now or as hereafter amended.

B. Lot. A fractional part of subdivided lands having fixed boundaries, being of sufficient area and dimension to meet minimum zoning requirements for width and area.

C. Right-of-Way. A strip of land dedicated for public use for utilities, vehicular and/or pedestrian travel, access to adjoining properties, or other use involving maintenance by a public agency.

D. Subdivider, Developer or Platter. Any person, firm or corporation or authorized representative undertaking the subdividing or resubdividing of a lot, tract, block, or other parcel of land. (Ord. 5480, 10-20-03, § 26; Ord. 4972, 3-3-97, § 22; Ord. 4816, 11-27-95, § 121; Ord. 3937, 7-18-88)