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20.45A.150 Preliminary plat – Extension for phased development.
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The Director of the Development Services Department may extend a preliminary plat for a phased development, but not including the initial phase or division one improvements, for up to three additional years beyond the period provided in LUC 20.45A.140, if:

A. A written request for extension is filed at least 30 days before the expiration of the preliminary plat; and

B. Unforeseen circumstances or conditions which are not the result of voluntary actions of the applicant necessitate the extension of the preliminary plat; and

C. Conditions in the immediate vicinity of the subject property have not changed substantially since the preliminary plat was first approved; and

D. An extension of the preliminary plat will not cause substantial detriment to existing uses in the immediate vicinity of the subject property or to the community as a whole; and

E. The applicant has demonstrated reasonable diligence in attempting to meet the time limit imposed; and

F. The preliminary plat substantially complies with applicable City Code provisions in effect on the date that the application for extension was made. (Ord. 5232, 6-26-00, § 14; Ord. 4972, 3-3-97, § 29; Ord. 4816, 11-27-95, § 128; Ord. 4638, 4-4-94, § 3; Ord. 3937, 7-18-88)