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20.45B.090 Exemptions.
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The provisions of this chapter do not apply to the following:

A. Cemeteries and other burial plots while used for that purpose;

B. Any division of land into lots or tracts each of which is at least 20 acres or larger;

C. Divisions of land made by testamentary provisions, or the laws of descent;

D. Divisions of land into lots or tracts classified for industrial or commercial use or for the purpose of lease when no residential structure other than mobile homes or travel trailers are permitted to be placed on the land when the City has approved a Binding Site Plan in accordance with Land Use Code requirements;

E. Any conveyance of land for use solely for the installation of electric power, telephone, water supply, sewer service, or other public utility facilities of a similar or related nature; or public right-of-way;

F. Any division of land by formal subdivision as provided for in Chapter 20.45A LUC. (Ord. 3938, 7-18-88)