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Accessory Dwelling Unit. A subordinate dwelling unit incorporated within a single-family structure. (Ord. 6567, 2-16-21, § 3)

Accessory Parking. Parking provided to serve a specific use. (Ord. 2945, 2-2-81, § 17)

Active Recreation Area. An area which provides active recreational facilities for tenants of the development of which it is a part. (Ord. 2945, 2-2-81, § 17)

Adjoining. Next to, abutting.

Administrative Office. A use for general administrative and bookkeeping functions of a business but not for sales, display or storage of goods. (Ord. 4028, 7-17-89, § 10)

Adult Day Care. An adult care service use providing regularly scheduled care for a period less than 24 hours. An adult care service use meeting the definition of an Adult Family Home as defined pursuant to RCW 70.128.010(1) does not fall within the scope of this definition. (Ord. 5876, 5-18-09, § 35)

Adult Entertainment Use. An Adult Retail Establishment, Adult Theater, or any premises required to be licensed as an Adult Cabaret under Chapter 5.08 BCC. (Ord. 4730, 1-23-95, § 1; Ord. 3884, 2-16-88, § 3)

Adult Retail Establishment. A retail establishment in which a substantial portion of the “stock in trade” (under either definition A or B under LUC 20.50.046) consists of merchandise distinguished or characterized by a predominant emphasis on the depiction, description, simulation or relation to “specified sexual activities” or “specified anatomical areas,” or a retail establishment which has as one of its principal purposes, the sale, exchange, rent, loan, trade, transfer, and/or viewing of merchandise distinguished or characterized by a predominant emphasis on the depiction, description, simulation or relation to “specified sexual activities” or “specified anatomical areas.” The term “merchandise” as used above includes but is not limited to the following: books, magazines, posters, cards, pictures, periodicals, or other printed matter; prerecorded video tapes, discs, film or other such medium; instruments, devices, equipment, paraphernalia or other such products. (Ord. 5189, 12-6-99, § 2; Ord. 3884, 2-16-88, § 3)

Adult Theater. An enclosed building or drive-in facility used for presenting, for commercial purposes, motion pictures, films, video cassettes, cable television, live entertainment or any other such material, performance or activity distinguished or characterized by a predominant emphasis on the depiction, description, simulation or relation to “specified sexual activities” or “specified anatomical areas” for observation by patrons therein. Buildings housing panorams, peep shows or topless or nude dancing are included in the definition above. The term “used” in the foregoing sentence describes a continuing course of conduct. (Ord. 3884, 2-16-88, § 3)

Affordable Housing. Housing used as the primary residence of an affordable housing qualified household. Unless otherwise specified, the price of affordable units is based on that amount a household can afford to pay for housing, when household income is less than 80 percent of the median annual income, adjusted for household size, as determined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Seattle Metropolitan Statistical Area, and when the household pays no more than 30 percent of household income for housing expenses. Households with income less than 80 percent of the median annual income, adjusted for household size, may purchase or rent these affordable units. An agreement in a form approved by the City will be executed by the applicant and recorded with the King County Recorder’s Office, or its successor organization, requiring the affordable housing to remain for the life of the project. This agreement shall be a covenant running with the land, binding on assigns, heirs, and successors of the applicant. (Ord. 6626, 12-6-21, § 15; Ord. 5876, 5-18-09, § 35; Ord. 4855-C, 2-5-96, § 2; Ord. 4829, 12-4-95, § 2; Ord. 4269, 7-8-91, § 2)

Airfield. A basic utility stage 1 airport as defined by the Federal Aviation Authority.

Alley. A public thoroughfare which affords only a secondary means of access to abutting property and not intended for general traffic circulation.

Alteration. Any change, addition or modification in construction or occupancy or any change, addition or modification to a site, building or occupancy.

Ambulatory Health Care Center. A medical institution building which is designed for delivery of a range of health care and high acuity specialty care services and is not licensed as a hospital. (Ord. 5587, 3-7-05, § 13)

Animal Service. Retail sale, service, or veterinary uses in which health care, pet grooming, pet day care, or hobby kennel, kennel, or boarding services for animals are provided. (Ord. 5876, 5-18-09, § 35)

Apartment House. A building or portion of a building arranged or designed to be occupied by three or more families living independently of each other.

Appliances, Major – Retail. The retail sale of refrigerators, freezers, ranges, dishwashers, trash compactors, washers, dryers, hot water heaters, wood stoves, furnaces, televisions, video-cassette recorders, and stereos, or combinations thereof, including the retail warehouse sales of such items. (Ord. 3747, 1-20-87, § 16)

Arcade. A continuously covered area which functions as a weather protected extension of the publicly accessible space which it abuts. (Ord. 2945, 2-2-81, § 17)

Area, Site. The area within the property lines. (See also Floor Area, Gross and Floor Area, Usable.)

Assembly Room. See Auditorium. (Ord. 3747, 1-20-87, § 16)

Assisted Living. An establishment which provides living quarters and a variety of limited personal care and supportive health care to individuals who are unable to live independently due to infirmity of age, physical or mental handicap, but who do not need the skilled nursing care of a convalescent or nursing home. These facilities may consist of individual dwelling units of a barrier-free design, with separate bathroom facilities, a full kitchen or no kitchen. The facility may provide a minimal amount of supportive health care monitoring, such as assistance with medication, but is limited to health care services which do not require state or federal licensing. In addition, these facilities may have a communal dining area, recreation facilities (library, lounge, game room), laundry facilities and open space. (Ord. 4065, 10-23-89, § 7)

Assurance Device. A mechanism approved by the City whereby the City has recourse to identifiable assets of the applicant in order to insure compliance with this Code in conformance with LUC 20.40.490. (Ord. 3690, 8-4-86, § 36)

Athletic Club. A use, generally membership oriented, featuring exercise, sports and other active physical conditioning, as well as a broader range of services such as full service restaurants and meeting rooms. (Ord. 4028, 7-17-89, § 10)

Auditorium. A facility designed for the assembly of persons for exhibitions, performances, conferences, or other purposes serving an assembly function. (Ord. 3747, 1-20-87, § 16)