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Garage, Private. A sheltered or enclosed space designed and used for the storage of motor vehicles or boats of the residents of the premises.

Garage, Public. A building or portion thereof designed and used for storage, repair or servicing of motor vehicles or boats as a business.

Gas Station. Any area of land, including the structures thereon, that is used for the sale of gasoline or other motor fuels, oils, lubricants and auto accessories (including areas for storage) and which may or may not include washing, lubricating and other minor servicing but no painting operation.

Glare. Unwanted light that causes eyestrain, discomfort, nuisance or adversely affects a visual task.

Government Use Heliport. Any heliport that is owned and operated by an agency of local, state or federal government for use by its own helicopters, and which is not available for private use. (Ord. 5477, 10-20-03, § 2; Ord. 5475, 10-20-03, § 16; Ord. 4029, 9-5-89, § 4)

Grade. Average ground level around a building; for the purposes of measuring building height, “Grade” is defined as the average elevation of the finished surface of the ground or paving where it touches the building.

Grade, Centerline. The elevation on the surface of a street at its centerline.

Grade, Finished. Proposed grade following development.

Greenscape. All living plant, tree, hedge, and shrub material. Hardscape materials, whether pervious or impervious by design, shall not be considered greenscape. (Ord. 5791, 12-3-07, § 13)

Groin. A barrier-type structure extending from the backshore into the water across a beach. The purpose of a groin is to interrupt sediment movement along the shore.

Gross Square Feet. Total number of square feet within the inside finished wall surface of the outer building walls of a structure, excluding vent shafts, outdoor courts and parking. (Ord. 3747, 1-20-87, § 19)

Guard Rail. A low fence capable of stopping or diverting a moving vehicle.

Guest Cottage, Guest House. A dwelling unit on a residential lot, separate from the main residential building, which is used to accommodate nonpaying guests of the residents or domestic employees of the residents and which is not rented. (Ord. 3145, 9-27-82, § 77)