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Impervious Surface. Any structure or other nonvegetated surface affixed to the ground that prevents or retards the entry of water into the soil layer, or that causes water to run off the surface in greater quantities or at an increased rate of flow from the flow rate prior to addition of such surface. “Impervious Surfaces” include, without limitation: structures, including eaves; vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian or other circulation facilities constructed of solid surfaces, including pavement, concrete, u grouted brick or stone; solid decks, patios, sport courts, swimming pools, hot tubs and similar recreation facilities; and landscape features, including sheds, arbors, and play structures. (Ord. 6323, 11-21-16, § 21; Ord. 5683, 6-26-06, § 41)

Interior Arcade. A continuous enclosed passageway lined with retail uses connecting two or more publicly accessible spaces. (Ord. 2945, 2-2-81, § 21)

Interpretive Center. A public park facility designed to increase the community’s understanding and appreciation of natural and cultural history which may include components such as exhibit, display, educational and research facilities; interpretive kiosks; wildlife viewing areas; scenic overlooks; self-guided trails and interpretive signs and labels. (Ord. 3775, 5-26-87, § 28)