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Office Building. A building primarily designed to be used for the purpose of providing services rather than the production, distribution and/or retail sales of goods or commodities. The services provided are generally professional, educational, administrative, financial or governmental in nature. This definition includes welfare, charitable or business services.

Office Use. A use that provides professional, administrative, or business related services. Production, distribution, or the retail or wholesale sale of goods or commodities are not included. (Ord. 3747, 1-20-87, § 23)

Offset. A recess or protrusion in a building wall. (Ord. 6670, 7-18-22, § 42; Ord. 3004, 7-27-81, § 14)

Open Record Hearing. A public hearing, conducted by a single hearing body or officer authorized by the City Council to conduct such hearings, that creates the City’s record through testimony and submission of evidence and information. (Ord. 4973, 3-3-97, § 863; Ord. 4816, 11-27-95, § 963)

Open Space. Land area unoccupied by buildings, traffic circulation roads, or parking areas, including, but not limited to, woodlands, fields, sidewalks, walkways, landscape areas, gardens, courtyards, or lawns.

Open Structures. Structures which include but are not limited to, sheltered picnic areas, and covered play areas. Open walled structures may be considered on their merits as qualifying for open space characterization.

Overnight Shelter: Emergency/Temporary. A facility with the primary purpose of providing temporary shelter for homeless people in response to an emergency. These facilities are housed in a temporary or interim location, permitted pursuant to LUC 20.20.850 and Part 20.30M LUC. (Ord. 6419, 7-16-18, § 4)

Overnight Shelter: Permanent. Refer to LUC 20.20.455.C. (Ord. 6419, 7-16-18, § 5)

Owner. The owners of fee title, mortgagees, and contract vendees.

Owner Occupancy. A property owner, as reflected in title records, makes his or her legal residence at the site, as evidenced by voter registration, vehicle registration, or similar means, and actually resides at the site more than six months out of any given year, and at no time receives rent for the owner-occupied unit. (Ord. 6567, 2-16-21, § 4)