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Sales, Incidental Retail. Occasional retail sales forming a minor part of the total sales volume conducted on or from a business premises. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Sales, Retail. Sale to the ultimate consumer for direct consumption and not for resale. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 4646, 5-2-94, § 1)

Sales, Trade. Sales, other than wholesale, of supplies, equipment, fixtures or hardware in small or mixed lots to other businesses, rather than to the general public. For the purpose of land use classifications, these are treated as wholesale trade. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Sales, Wholesale. Sale for resale not for direct consumption. For the purpose of land use classifications, a business primarily engaged in resale or trade sales with less than 25 percent of the square footage of sales in related retail, will be classified as wholesale. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 4646, 5-2-94, § 1; Ord. 4028, 7-17-89, § 18)

Salmonid. A member of the fish family salmonidae, which includes salmon, trout, dolly varden, char and white fish. (Ord. 5683, 6-26-06, § 49)

Satellite Dish Antenna. A type of antenna together with any accompanying attachment device, consisting of a solid, open mesh, or bar configured reflective surface used to receive and/or transmit radio frequency communication signals. Such an antenna is typically in the shape of a shallow dish or cone. (Ord. 5086, 8-3-98, § 12; Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 4028, 7-17-89, § 18)

Satellite Dish Antenna, Large. Any satellite dish that has a diameter greater than one meter (3.28 feet) located in any residential land use district or greater than two meters (6.58 feet) located in any nonresidential land use district. (Ord. 5086, 8-3-98, § 13)

Satellite Dish Antenna, Small. Any satellite dish antenna that has a diameter of less than or equal to one meter (3.28 feet) located in any residential land use district or two meters (6.58 feet) located in any nonresidential land use district. (Ord. 5086, 8-3-98, § 13)

School. An institution primarily engaged in academic instruction for all or part of the K through 12 education program, public, parochial or private, and recognized or approved as such by the State. A school may include a program for children of pre-kindergarten age so long as the proportion of pre-kindergarten age children served by the school does not exceed 25 percent of the total students. (Ord. 5431, 1-21-03, § 7; Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3095, 5-24-82, § 8)

Sculpture. Any form of sculpture located outside of a building. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 2945, 2-2-81, § 25)

Secure Community Transition Facility. Shall have the meaning set forth in RCW 71.09.020, now or as hereafter amended. (Ord. 5404, 8-5-02, § 4)

Semiprivate Facility, Semipublic Facility. Any facility which a class or group of the public is permitted to attend or use subject to the regulations of a club or other organization owning or regulating such facility. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Senior Citizen Dwellings. Dwellings exclusively designed for and occupied by families each of which have at least one person of 62 years of age or older, and limited by the requirements of state or federal programs for housing for senior citizens to include those individuals who are classified as head-of-household and are disabled or handicapped regardless of age. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 4065, 10-23-89, § 10)

Senior Housing. See Senior Citizen Dwellings. (Ord. 6589, 7-19-21, § 4; Ord. 6575, 4-26-21, § 9)

Setback. A space unoccupied by structures except where intrusions are specifically permitted by this Code. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3278, 8-1-83)

Setback, Front. Space abutting a street right-of-way, access easement or private road either from which the lot is addressed or from which the lot gains primary access, and extending the full width of the lot; and at the intersection of two public rights-of-way, space abutting each right-of-way extending the full width of the lot. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3278, 8-1-83, § 9)

Setback, Rear. Space abutting a property line and opposite to the front setback or as nearly so as the lot shape permits, and extending the full width of the lot. If more than one rear setback is described, that setback which is farthest from the front setback is the required rear setback. All others will be treated as side setbacks. If more than one front setback exists, the Director shall designate the rear setback pursuant to LUC 20.20.030. (Ord. 4973, 3-3-97, § 858; Ord. 4816, 11-27-95, § 958; Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3278, 8-1-83, § 9)

Setback, Side. Space abutting a property line, access easement or private road and generally between the required front and rear setback. Any setback not defined as a front or rear setback is a side setback. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3278, 8-1-83, § 9)

Sheltered Station. A structure for the protection from the elements of the waiting customers of a public transportation system. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Shelters and Storage Facilities – Temporary. A temporary shelter that does not meet the definition of a structure and is not attached to a structure, which generally may be made of canvas and metal, including but not limited to portable carports. Refer to LUC 20.20.760. (Ord. 5791, 12-3-07, § 5)

Shopping Center. A grouping of retail business and service uses on a single site with common parking facilities. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Sidewalk. See Walk. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Sight Area. An area through or across which unobstructed visibility is protected by this Code (See BCC 14.60.240). (Ord. 5089, 8-3-98, § 58; Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Sign. Any device or visual communication that is used for the purpose of bringing the subject thereof to the attention of the public. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3690, 8-4-86, § 38)

Significant Impact. Environmental effects of a proposed decision or action judged great enough to justify drafting an Environmental Impact Statement. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Significant Tree. A healthy evergreen or deciduous tree, eight inches in diameter or greater, measured four feet above existing grade. The Director of the Development Services Department may authorize the exclusion of any tree which for reasons of health, age or site development is not desirable to retain. (Ord. 4973, 3-3-97, § 202; Ord. 4816, 11-27-95, § 302; Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3498, 5-28-85, § 132)

Significantly Changed Conditions. Demonstrating evidence of change such as unanticipated consequences of an adopted policy, or changed conditions on the subject property or its surrounding area, or changes related to the pertinent plan map or text; where such change has implications of a magnitude that need to be addressed for the Comprehensive Plan to function as an integrated whole. This definition applies only to Part 20.30I LUC, Amendment and Review of the Comprehensive Plan. (Ord. 5650, 1-3-06, § 6)

Single-Family. See Dwelling, Single-Family. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Single Housekeeping Unit. One household where all the members have common access to and common use of all living, kitchen, and eating areas within the dwelling unit, and household activities and responsibilities such as meals, chores, expenses and maintenance of the premises are shared or carried out according to a household plan or other customary method. Persons occupying a dwelling unit as transient lodging shall not be considered a single housekeeping unit, except as permitted in bed and breakfast and boarding house uses. (Ord. 6616, 11-15-21, § 7; Ord. 6223, 4-6-15, § 9)

Site. A lot or group of lots associated with a certain application, building or buildings or other development. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Solid Planting. A planting of evergreen trees and shrubs which will prevent a through and unobscured penetration of sight or light. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Sorority. See Fraternity. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Spa. A tub, generally with heated and/or jetted water, designed for therapy and relaxation. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 4055, 9-25-89; Ord. 3914, 5-23-88, § 28)

Special Use. A use which requires a Conditional Use Permit, Administrative Conditional Use Permit, or Planned Unit Development pursuant to LUC 20.10.440 and district-specific land use charts contained in Chapter 20.25 LUC. (Ord. 5876, 5-18-09, § 43; Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 2945, 2-2-81, § 25)

Specialty Sporting Goods. A retail sporting goods store which sells equipment and a subordinate amount of related apparel for a maximum of five sports activities. These uses may include space for practice and training areas, in addition to storage and retail sales display area. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 4176, 11-26-90, § 6)

Specified Anatomical Areas.

A. Less than completely and opaquely covered human genitals, pubic region, buttock or female breast below a point immediately above the top of the areola; or

B. Human male genitals in a discernibly turgid state, even if completely and opaquely covered. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3884, 2-16-88, § 6)

Specified Sexual Activities.

A. Human genitals in a state of sexual stimulation or arousal;

B. Acts of human masturbation, sexual intercourse or sodomy; or

C. Fondling or other erotic touching of human genitals, pubic region, buttock or female breast. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3884, 2-16-88, § 6)

Stable, Commercial. See Riding Academy, Commercial Stable. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

State. The State of Washington. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Stepback. The roof or deck area that is unoccupied by structures resulting when an upper level or portion of a building is set back from the floor(s) below. (Ord. 5587, 3-7-05, § 17)

Stock in Trade.

A. The dollar value of all merchandise readily available for purchase, rental, viewing or use by patrons of the establishment, excluding merchandise located in any store room, under the counter or in any other portion of the premises not open to patrons; or

B. The total volume of shelf space and display areas in those portions of the establishment open to patrons. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3884, 2-16-88, § 6)

Stormwater. Precipitation that does not infiltrate into the soil, or evaporate, but flows over the surface into a pipe or directly to surface water. (Ord. 5683, 6-26-06, § 49)

Story. That portion of a building included between the upper surface of any floor and the upper surface of the floor next above, except that the topmost story shall be that portion of a building included between the upper surface of the topmost floor and the ceiling or roof above. If the finished floor level directly above the basement, cellar or unused under-floor space is more than six feet above grade as defined herein for more than 50 percent of the total perimeter or is more than 12 feet above grade as defined herein at any point, such basement, cellar or unused underfloor space shall be considered a story. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Street. A public thoroughfare which affords the principal means of access to abutting properties. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Street Frontage. See Lot Frontage. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Structure. A combination of materials constructed and erected permanently on or under the ground or attached to something having a permanent location on or under the ground. Not included are residential fences, retaining walls less than 30 inches in height, rockeries less than 30 inches in height and similar improvements of a minor character. For the purposes of Part 20.25E LUC, regulations for the Shoreline Overlay District, a different definition applies. See LUC 20.25E.280 – “Structure.” (Ord. 6417, 5-21-18, § 77; Ord. 5089, 8-3-98, § 58; Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 4055, 9-25-89; Ord. 3914, 5-23-88, § 28)

Structural Alterations. Any change in load or stress of the loaded or stressed members of a building or structure. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82)

Subdivision. The division or redivision of land into 10 or more lots, tracts, parcels, sites, or divisions for the purpose of sale, lease or transfer of ownership, including all resubdivision of land. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3937, 7-18-88, § 9)

Subdivision, Short. The division or redivision of land, including a unit of land resulting from a previous subdivision, short subdivision, or revision into nine or fewer lots, tracts except nonbuilding tracts, parcels, sites or divisions, for the purpose of sale or lease or transfer of ownership. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 3937, 7-18-88, § 9)

Subject Property. A lot, parcel, or group of contiguous lots or parcels owned by the same person. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 2945, 2-2-81, § 25)

Subordinate Use. A use which is secondary or incidental to a permitted or principal use. These uses are governed pursuant to LUC 20.20.840. (Ord. 5876, 5-18-09, § 43; Ord. 4979, 3-17-97, § 22; Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 4516, 4-12-93, § 2)

Superblock. In the area bounded by Main Street, 100th Avenue NE, NE 12th St., and 112th Avenue NE, superblocks are those areas bounded by the intersections of the centerlines of even-numbered avenues, or their extensions with the centerlines of even-numbered streets, or their extensions. (Ord. 4654, 6-6-94, § 82; Ord. 2945, 2-2-81, § 25)