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Citation to the Bellevue Land Use Code

This code should be cited as LUC; i.e., “see LUC 20.10.010.” An LUC chapter should be cited Chapter 20.10 LUC. An LUC section should be cited LUC 20.10.010. Through references should be made as LUC 20.10.010 through 20.10.040. Series of sections should be cited as LUC 20.10.010, 20.10.020, and 20.10.030.

Numbering system

The Land Use Code contains nine chapters. Chapter 20.10 generally describes each of the land use districts in the City and contains a set of use charts (LUC 20.10.440) which lists permitted uses by district and delineates special conditions under which certain uses are permitted. Chapter 20.20 sets forth general development requirements. At the beginning of the chapter is a chart (LUC 20.20.010) which contains most of the City’s dimensional requirements. The chart is followed by a number of sections describing exceptions to those requirements. The balance of the chapter is made up of development requirements listed alphabetically (for example, landscaping is listed before parking). Chapter 20.25 includes the regulations for defined special and overlay districts of the City. Chapter 20.30 contains the City’s requirements for various permits and decisions. Chapter 20.35 contains the City’s review procedures. Chapter 20.40 describes the administration and enforcement of the Code. Chapter 20.45A contains the City’s requirements for platting and subdivisions. Chapter 20.45B contains the City’s requirements for short plats and short subdivisions. Chapter 20.50 contains definitions of terms used in the Code.

The numbering scheme used in the Land Use Code operates in the following manner:

20.10.010.A.1.a.i.(1)(a): 20, title of Bellevue Land Use Code; 10, chapter of title; 010: section of chapter; A.1.a.i.(1)(a), paragraphs

The legislative source of each section is enclosed in parentheses at the end of the section. References to ordinances are abbreviated; thus “(Ord. 4654, 6-5-94, § 1; Ord. 4638, 4-4-94, § 2)” refers to section 1 of Ordinance No. 4654 and section 2 of Ordinance No. 4638. “Formerly” followed by an LUC citation preserves the record of original codification. A semicolon between ordinance citations indicates an amendment of the earlier section.

Codification tables

To convert an ordinance citation to its LUC number, consult the codification tables following Chapter 20.50 LUC.

Errors or omissions

Although considerable care has been used in the production of this code, it is inevitable in so large a work that there will be errors. As users of this code detect such errors, it is requested that a note citing the section involved and the nature of the error be e-mailed to: , so that correction may be made in a subsequent update.