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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Res. 6596 Vacating 145TH Pl SE at Landerholm Circle Pw-R-117 148TH Ave SE Roadway Improvments 9/24/2001 Special
Res. 6595 Agreement with Miller/Hull Partnership for Design Bellevue Botanical Garden Visitors Center 9/24/2001 Special
Res. 6594 Right-of-Way Use Agreement with Sprint Spectrum Lp 9/10/2001 Special
Res. 6593 Amendment to Labor Agreement with Iaff Local 1604 Extension 2001-2002 9/10/2001 Special
Res. 6592 Agreement with Transsystems Corp for Pw-M-11 Meydenbauer Bridge Replacement 9/4/2001 Special
Res. 6591 Relinquish of Sanitary Sewer Rights No Longer Needed by City 9/4/2001 Special
Res. 6590 Purchase Property Rights from Razore Land Company for NE 2ND St Extension Pw-I-46 I/405 Bellevue Downtown Access Project 9/4/2001 Special
Res. 6589 Amendment with Kpff Consulting Engineers for Pw-R-102 Kamber Roadway Improvements 9/4/2001 Special
Res. 6588 Agreement with Kpg Inc for Pw-R-115 Cougar Mtn Way Corridor Improvements 9/4/2001 Special
Res. 6587 Amendment with Peterson Design for Office Space Planning for Transportation Dept 9/4/2001 Special
Res. 6586 Agreement with Urs Corp for Stream Channel Modifications at Upper Richards Upper Kelsey and Sears Creek D-86 8/6/2001 Special
Res. 6585 Two Purchase and Sale Agreements with Hintz and Mclain for Newport Way Project 8/6/2001 Special
Res. 6584 Agreement with Reid Middleton for Plan Review Services 8/6/2001 Special
Res. 6583 Amendment with Reid Middleton for Plan Review Services 8/6/2001 Special
Res. 6582 Accept 2001 Als and Bls Contract Amendments for Jan 1, 2001 - Dec 31, 2001 Advanced Life and Basic Life Support Services 8/6/2001 Special
Res. 6581 Co-Location of City'S Cable Production Facilities at Bcc with Bellevue Community College District 8 8/6/2001 Special
Res. 6576 Supplement with Otak for Cip Pw-R-107 156TH Ave NE Between NE 8TH St and Northup Way 8/6/2001 Special
Res. 6580 Settlement Agreement with Coal Creek Utility District Mou Re: Settlement Agreement Date July 10, 2001 7/30/2001 Special
Res. 6579 Renewal with Stripe Rite for Pavement Marking Aug 1, 2001 Through Jun 30, 2002 7/30/2001 Special
Res. 6578 Agreement with Transsystems for Cip Pw-R-117 148TH Ave SE Roadway Improvements 7/30/2001 Special
Res. 6577 Agreement with W and H Pacific for Cip Pw-R-128 Forest Drive Improvements 7/30/2001 Special
Res. 6575 Lease Agreement with Voice Stream for Telecommunication Facilities Right-of-Way at 4423 123RD Ave SE 7/30/2001 Special
Res. 6574 Lease Agreement with Voice Stream for Telecommunications Facilities Right-of-Way at 92 Nd Ave NE and NE 8TH St. 7/30/2001 Special
Res. 6573 Inter-Agency Agreement with King County Prosecuting Attorney Domestic Violence Unit 7/30/2001 Special
Res. 6572 Agreement with Logon.Net for Fleet and Communications System Replacement Project 7/16/2001 Special